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We address you on behalf of all Muslims of Samara city

With the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Charitable.

Al-salyamuu aleykum ua rakhmatullahi ua baryakatuha!

Samara Historical mosque: past, present and prospection

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Brief information

The mosque in the street of Alexei Tolstoy in Samara city is a historical treasure of Russian Muslims. It was built in 1891 at the expense of a well-known Simbirskiy manufacturer, an owner of cloth factories and a philanthropist Timerbulat Akchurin. And for the entire period of blossoming of economic and public life of Russian Empire at the end of 19th - the beginning of the 20th centuries became the national and spiritual center of Tatars of Samara province and all Middle Volga region.

At the mosque there were a madrasah, preparing imams, muezzins and mudarrisas for the whole region; a national confessional school based on the methodology of Jadidism; in 1908 – 1913 years the first economic journal in Russia was published in the Tatar language "Iktisad"; The people's library and a free canteen for poor citizens had been worked ... Imams of the mosque all these years were Shigabutdin Minyushev and Mukhammetfatykh Murtazin. They were active supporters of enlightening Muslims and bringing them to the achievements of world civilization.

All national-spiritual projects of the mosque were financed by a group of Tatar philanthropists, united in charitable society "Khairiya". M. Murtazin - publisher and editor of the journal "Iktisad", actively participated in the social and economic life of the city and province, was a member of  Samara Credit Society, wrote materials about events in the Muslim community to Russian newspapers. The mosque was frequented by guests from other provinces of the Russian Empire, as well as from other countries. In 1910, she was visited by the former chief overseer of the Ottoman Empire, Hilmi Pasha, and met with the Tatar community, and in early 1915 the parishioners of this mosque participated in the burial of some 1,200 Turkish prisoners of war who died of typhus along the way from the Caucasian front to places of detention in camps in the Urals and in Siberia.

The first in Samara a stone mosque from the very beginning did not have a minaret. Twice, in 1903 and 1926, projects were under way for its reconstruction (with the installation of a minaret), but in connection with the revolutionary events of 1905 and 1917, the First World War, and the beginning of religious persecutions at the end of 1920, these projects remained unrealized. In February 1932, the mosque was closed, and its ministers and the most active parishioners were subjected to repression by the Soviet authorities, many of them, in particular the Mukhammetfatykh Murtazin, were killed. After the collapse of the Soviet Union by the authorities on the basis of the order of the President of Russia, Boris N. Yeltsin, on April 24, 1993, a decision was made to return religious buildings to believers. Until 2000 in the building of the former mosque there were social organizations. The legal procedure for the implementation of this law with respect to the mosque in Alexei Tolstoy Street was completed only in 2005. At the same time, the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Samara region decided to call it "Historical", recreate the religious parish and begin reconstruction of the building and return to it the appearance of the mosque. Since 2007, reconstruction has been underway here, the mosque has started to perform its functions again. During this time, a large amount of repair work was carried out. The course of restoration and the report of expenses of money resources, are regularly published on our site (www.tarihi-mechet.ru). Funds are allocated from the budget of the Samara region, our fellow believers and many other good people also help. But the funds are still not enough, because we still have a lot to do: to expand the building of the mosque (on the one hand to install a dome, and on the other side a building with a minaret 38 meters high), and completely finish the reconstruction of the mosque. To do this, we have design and estimate documentation, state examination of the project, but the estimated cost in the prices of 2013 year is 152,827,810 rubles. (without taking into account the inflation factor). To date, about 68 million rubles have been spent on the construction of the mosque, and there are still a lot to build, money is not enough.

Therefore, we ask you to provide financial assistance, if possible, to participate in this noble cause. We hope that by joint efforts we will be able to revive a unique model of Muslim historical and cultural heritage, which connects to the strong spiritual ties of the Tatar, Turkish and other Muslim people.

The funds can be transferred to the specified bank account:

Local Muslim religious organization "Samara Historical Mosque"

443099, Samara, Str. Alexey Tolstoy, 61A

Tel: (846) 340-74-65, fax: (846) 340-74-66

Taxpayer Identification Number: 6317051598

Gearbox: 631701001

Settlement account (in rubles):  40703810454400000807

Settlement account (in US dollars):  40703840254400000006


BIC: 043601607

Corr. Account: 30101810200000000607

Receivers Correspondent: IRVTUS3N (The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, NY)


Beneficiary Customer: 40703840554401000006

Yours faithfully,

Osman Ilingin Hajji.

tel: +7-927-757-62-57

mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it